First i must apologise for my non-notified absent from writing for a while, believe me i stopped writing, not because there’s nothing to write, but because i realize that am not writing for people to just read my post and close the tab, am writing so as to inspire people to cause a lasting positive change in them for effective living.

Providing this change requires practical write up, so i decided to put myself under subjection of some principles and tools, get the result myself, then teach people how it works practically. so do i still need to apologise.

i titled this post THE SECRET OF PERSONAL CHANGE, and i want to believe that you will find it useful.

Either you accept or not, life itself is full of secrets, and to be relevant in a particular area or field, it is determine by the level of secret you discover. Nothing  discovered by scientist is new on earth, it just new because that when they discovered it.

to leave an effective life you must look for the secrets and apply them. you can only become a master in a profession eg. accountant, doctor, engineer to mention in few, because someone

discovered the secret and decide to teach others to be. Nobody was born with this skills they discovered it, PRACTICE it and get result.
Notice the word practice, if you discover a secret and you don’t practice it, then you are as the same as those who haven’t discovered it.

My people perish because they lack knowledge.

I learnt these principles and discipline myself to do them, and now am happy about the results am getting.
Remember it not the habit you do once in a while that forms you, it what you do consistently. so put on your seat belt, am about to take you out of your comfort zone only if you are ready.

I did not develop these tool, but i used it and it worked for me, so am teaching you the same tool, it called RPM planning tool.
You can apply this tool to any area on your life either in Career, Business, Family, Finance, Education just keep mentioning.


you are about to learn the secret of CHAMPIONS, don’t joke with it.

1.Capture the idea:
Everybody on earth has an idea, it either positive or negative, big or small. Your heart is a thinking place, it has the capacity to conceive ideas and give birth to brain children as the womb of a woman has the capacity to conceive a child.

hundred of ideas is bound to run in your mind, and if you don’t capture them, you loose some, your head will start running what I call chunking. Chunking is the process where many things are running on your mind but you can’t do them.

the way to avoid this is to capture them by taking it out of your head and put it on a sheet of paper, note pad on your phone and any other medium. just take them out of your head.

2. Create  a plan
At this stage you have been able to capture the ideas, you can now see them.

using the RPM planning tools

Categories all that relate to each other eg.
select all ideas that relate to your career together, do the same for your business, family, education,spiritual life, personal life and so so.

With this method you can make 50 ideas categories to just five,
reason for this is to channel your energy and passion to a focus.

30 ideas captured are now categorise into 5 groups,that is: Business, Career, Family, Spiritual and Personal.

now we can move to the next step which is asking the RPM questions in each category.

1: What do i want.(RESULT).
Ask yourself this, for each idea what do i want to achieve, or the outcome.

ii. Why do i want it. (PURPOSE)
Activity without purpose is the drain of your life. you know the end point of your plan (Result), but what the reason behind your plan. if you are a leader, what the why for YOU and the why for the People.

iii: What do i need to do. (MASSIVE ACTION).
Now you have done the first two steps you know the Result, you know the Purpose, then develop an action plan with time frame, fully detailed to the core.

Never leave the site of planning without setting a goal.

You don’t tell people your dream, create it and they will see it.

3. Leverage

leverage is not the same as delegation. Leverage is using professionals to accomplishment of your plan.
delegation is assigning work to others, in leveraging you do the work together.

4. Complete and achieve.
5. Celebrate your achievement.
The more you celebrate, the more your energy to accomplish increases.

this is just one of the tools have learnt, practice this daily  sure you will thank me for it later.

Remember for you to get a different result you have to learn something new.

Samson Uyi
Facebook: Samson Uyi .B.



The power of “WHY”


2 April, 2014 i read an article on punch website concerning the issue of unemployment in the nation.

She said ” The Minister for Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,
on Tuesday in Abuja said no fewer than 1.8
million graduates in the country move into the
labour market every year.

Okonjo-Iweala, who is also the Coordinating
Minister for the Economy, made this known
during a meeting with delegates of the Arewa
Youth Forum on issues of youth development in
the northern part of the country.

She said that the data was generated by National
Bureau of Statistics and that it was to enable the
Federal Government to ascertain the level of youth
unemployment and come up with policies to
address it.

After going through this article, I had no choice than to re-strategies my plans on how to, not only help myself out but to discover and develop strategies on
how to help the economy to reduce the rate of unemployment.

The rate of unemployment in this Nation can be reduced not only by the government efforts, but also by we the citizen, if only we can all make the decision to contribute to the economy.

Some people focused their lives on what their parents and economy can’t give them. They focus on their poor background, jobless economy or maybe lack of education to determine the next face of life.

Another is that some people want to succeed, they had plans writing down but fail to accomplish them.

Research shows that only 8% of people who make new year resolutions achieve them. Am sure the percentage of people who achieve their life goals are low to that.
That why i have decided to go into this problem, and i think i find the reasons why people don’t archive their plans, and have choosing to share these one after the other. So stay with me on as i take you to a new level of fulfillment.

Have come to learning by study that a strong REASON to succeed, is more powerful to success than a PLAN. Don’t  get me wrong, am not saying having a plan is not important, but having a plan without a WHY, is more like you involve in a race withOUT acknowledgement

Imagine Usain Bolt involve in a race that has a finish line, but that all to it. No medals, no world records and so so. what would his preparation look like, let now think of him on the track, do u think he would give all his giving to win medals and setting new records NOW.


WHY SHOULD, are words that helps us become more of what we can be. I think that the reason why the people we celebrate today as success succeed, is not because they are different from us, but they have the strong REASON why they can’t afford not to succeed. study these people, they all faced challenges either academic, economy, family and friends rejecting them,when they need them or even finances. In the middle of these challenges your ability to breakout like others is what makes you outstanding.

My decision not to limit myself even in all the challenges, has kept me going, and the reason for all am doing now.

Develop strong reasons why you must succeed and have a plan, it will strengthen your will power and help you achieve the unachievable. for example one of my reasons for success is to be a source of inspiration to my generation, that i may teach people practical examples of how i was able to decide the future.

Another reason can be that you want to buy your mother a house in one of the most expensive environment in the country.

When you develop emotional REASONS, they propel your actions.


True changes happens when
people answer the why question.

you can drop your comment in the comment box below or you can reach me directly on my info below also.

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Do it Now!!!

first i must welcome you to another week of greatness, God as ordained you for greatness and you will always remain under His guidance and protection in all that you do.

months ago, i needed to upgrade my information’s so i went to my bookstore to get new materials, walking into the bookstore, i saw this good looking man guess he should be in his Mid-Forties just perambulating the different sections in the bookstore in a confusion state, and because we were both the only customers in there at that time, he was able to notice my movement and i also, 
knowing what my needs are, i was able to decide quickly the sections am doing my selections from.

i sensed that he needed help which the bookstore attendant was not available to provide so i walk up to him and introduced myself, and that was the beginning of our relationship.

due to our conversation, i got to discover that he was looking for a book on STARTING OVER AGAIN, that a bit fascinating.

i was wondering what man in his Mid-Forties, had his degree in Business administration, a certified chartered accountant, masters in finance, working with one of the top finance firm in united kingdom (UK) for over 15 years, after working with CBN for 2years would want to do with a book on “STARTING OVER AGAIN” so i booked an appointment with him so i can learn his reason.

later for me to discover after our meeting that the life he’s currently living was a script writing by his father and his fathers friend who currently work with CBN, and secured the CBN job for him before he left for his masters and secure his current job 15 years ago.

“no man on earth can help you discover yourself, they can only guess because they don’t know it, most time their guess can destroy you” Samson Uyi

this man now discover that after 17 years of imprisonment with hard labour in the labour market, with wife and kids in UK, there is more to him than what his currently doing but there is an obstacle which is “HOW”.

he wants more life that is totally different from where he is, and ready to change but don’t know HOW TO.

was wondering what man in his Mid-Forties, had his degree in Business administration, a certified chartered accountant, masters in finance, working with one of the top finance firm in united kingdom (UK) for over 15 years, after working with CBN for 2years would want to do with a book on “STARTING OVER AGAIN” SAY FOR YOU TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE, YOU MUST DISCOVER YOURSELF, BUT HOW? that was the question he asked me during our meeting

For many months i was on these particular stage in my life, confuse daily, having listen to many audio materials on personal discovery, read different books by top authors in this field of self discovering but all i could get was their own experience of how they discovered them self, but this was difficult especially in my kind of environment where education without educating is the believe as the key to success, where your success chance is measured on your so called school grade, get a good grade and get the said good job based on grade success, where the best student can’t even remember what he did in the so called course after the semester exams, anyway that a post for another time.

i know u must be wondering what the manual principle is, i bought a product one day, opening the product i saw a piece of paper in the package stated on it MANUAL, this paper was carries instructions on how to use the product, but not only use the product but THE FULL USE of the product, this manual was produced by the Creator of that particular product for the consumer to be able to enjoy the full capacity of the product.

If you are from this side of the world, you know that we assume we know the product so we don’t really need one small book to tell us the use of it, so i kept the manual and a still small voice told me clearly DO YOU KNOW THAT THE MANUAL WAS PRODUCE FOR YOU TO BE ABLE TO USE THIS PRODUCT TO IT FULL CAPACITY, BECAUSE ONLY THE CREATOR KNOWS THE PRODUCT BETTER.

And only your creator knows you better, i had a shift in my thinking and decided to discover who i am in God and the only way to do this is to search the scripture.

“the quality of your life is based on the quality of your decision

this decision was the change that happened to my destiny, days later i came across JEREMIAH 1:4-6, and this energized my desire for him later that month i came stumbled on the PRINCIPLE of DISCOVERING matthew 7:7, and that was it, i was looking for Him everywhere, i searched the scripture for years and am still searching daily because God instruct you daily about what Had send you.

I must confess to you that the principle of discovering is in the Manuel of Life, which is the Bible particularly in the book of 1corinthians 2:9-13, these verses contained the method.

if you wonder if i was able to discover myself in God or not you can search for what i do now and check ISAIAH 58:12.

i want to assure you that if you take the same step of discovery your life will never remain the same positively.




The day you realize that where you are going in life is not where you need too, you will be disappointed in yourself. March 2012, I realize that where I am right now is not where I need to be, and for every effect in life there is a cause. I got to understand that the reason why am there is basically because of the kind of association I have around me, nothing against my old pals it’s just the level of their exposure, and in life you can’t give more than what you have.

Changing my environment in 2010, was an incident that happened due to uncontrollable circumstance, but I must give glory to God, because He had it in plan to send me out of my Egypt. Sending me out of my comfort zone was not an easy one for me to cope with but I had no choice but to leave the environment.

That same year I made the decision to continue with what I had abandoned for a couple of years, to further my education, I have a turnaround story of how God prearranged my plan of an institution to the institution where I obtained diploma in Accounting, but that is a story for another time. I am only here to appreciate some particular set of people who have been able to cause change in me positively.

Three years ago, I had no reason for living, I was just living a life of chance waiting for the lucky day things will fall in place not as I planned but as I wished, moving with people that are not only confused about their destination but adding to my own problem, a great man Fela Durotoye once said that it’s not “show me your friend and I will tell who you are”, but “show me your friend and I will tell where you are going in life”. You need to know that your friends are a reflection of your future i.e. the quality of your friends determine the quality of your life.

Life changed completely for me three years later not because I changed in stature or age, but because I changed my circle of influence and I want to use this opportunity to appreciate everyone that is part of this change, I wouldn’t have gone far if God had not allowed you in my life, and if I don’t mention your name, it’s not because you are not part of me but part of this history, I love you so much and I will always respect the fact that my life in Egypt will never be complete without you


Before I begin this journey, I want to say thank you to the author and the finisher of my faith Jesus Christ who called me out of who I was (Death) to who I am now (Life). I must confess that it’s not because I am better than every other person in my past, it just time for Him to fulfill what He had planned with my life.

Many times before my encounter in 2012, I tried to give my life to Christ after attending church services and other religious group meetings, though I was not a bad boy like that…..LOL, but I will look back at my old life and grow in it. When the time came He (Christ) took my life, so I need you to know that it’s not because I am worthy, but I celebrate His grace on my life.

I must say boldly that the difference between my life then and now is Jesus Christ taking the wheel.


Being a participating student in class socially, and my communication skill, I had this popularity among my peers, and this gave me assess to many ladies in my class. I was a good guy who knew how to play his game among ladies without clash even when they get to know. I was enjoying myself until one day the lecturer who was suppose take a particular course didn’t show up for his lecture period, and as usual for me it was an opportunity to disturb the class., during the process I was fascinated by this beautiful, gentle, soft smiling lady talking to a female friend of mine, ‘OH MY GOD!!’ I screamed, she had been in that class before then but I never noticed, went to her as usual to do what I know how to do best, but getting to know her I discovered that she’s what I labeled Iya Jesus (Jesus’ Mother), so I stepped back. But as time went by circumstances began to move us closer, I had a group of friends that we did study together and they were all friends with this particular lady, they told her about the study group and she decided to join the group, and gradually we became intimate friends, the same lady invited me for the retreat where I had encounter with Christ in 2012, we both had the opportunity to serve in a moving train, and she was the vice president of my fellowship while I served as the president. ADEOLA SUBAIR, this epistle will never exist without you.


I call this people family coaches, because these are people who coach me directly with their life examples and their words of encouragement day and night, first I want to say thank you to my predecessor TUNDE KELANI (Moyo Kel) who said just a word that turned the steering of my life during our first encounter, to the resident pastor of House On The Rock, Abeokuta, Pastor ROTIMI BOLAJI, sir serving under your ministry was a privilege for me and I must confess that having to learn at your feet was never a regret, thank you so much for the privilege.

Pastor TAYO BAMIDELE, I call him “The Man On Fire” I appreciate you, Mr. SEYI AWOBADEJO, who taught me leadership by his life examples, Pastor YEMI OGUNWA, my OGA at the Top, Pastor and Pastor Mrs. AWOLARAN, your support really helped me stay on when I felt like quitting, Mr. KUNLE BAIYEWU another person who challenged my prayer life, and to the mother of the house MUMMY BOLAJI, thank you so much mummy.

I must confess that you all watered, and GOD is still giving increase, I can’t stop saying thank you for your time, support and encouragement, God will reward you all.


To my brothers and sisters who are more than friends to me.

I must confess that I have never met a twin brother from another mother as AYODELE OLASUPO, The CEO of HAYO CLOTHING, Am honored to be called your twin brother.

ADEOLA SUBAIR, DAMILOLA OREVBA (my black queen), EVELYN UGHOO (the mother of the team), ABIODUN MUSTAPHA (Small but Mighty), SEGUN OREBANJO, GBEMINIYI OKUSANYA, EMMANUEL BABARINDE (light in complexion like kiwi), OPEYEMI OYENUGA, TAIYELOLU FADOJUTIMI, TOSIN ANIMASHUN, the CEO of T.CREST, MOSES (The tallest man in the family), TEMITOPE AROWOSEBI, i cant stop thanking you,CHRISTIANA (my babe), TONIA UWAH, The UNWACHUKWU’S, CHIYERE (My LOLO 1), KELVIN AND IFY, I want to say a special thanks to you guys I love you so much, LOLA WAHAB (My beloved daughter), NIFEMI SUHAIB, OBIAJURU JEREMAIH (FINEST BOY), DR AJADI AFOLABI, my personal doci, the OJUOLA brothers, TOLU DANIEL & DAVID, ALEX OBIKANNU, BLESSING (a woman with a difference), SANMI AKINSEYE, ABEL PRAISE (Mr ThinkSmart), SAMSON ODEGBAMI, WALE ADEJUYIGBE, ABISOLA AKINDIPE, My producer MIDE (MO Productions) , Mrs Egbeyemi and ATINUKE JUNIAD , SHOLA JOHNSON, TUKAS BABA, and many more I couldn’t mention.

Thank you all for being there for me I appreciate you all.


ANTONY ROBBINS (Awaking the giant within), SAMSON OLATUNDE (SAMSON), FELA DUROTOYE (MR FANTASTIC), JIMI TEWE (Free from Corporate Slavery), Past. SAM ADEYEMI(The second Revolution), JOHN C. MAXWELL ( Becoming a person of influence), BRAIN TRACY (Maximum Achievement), STEPHEN R. COVEY (First thing first), STEVE HARRIS (From college drop-out to corporate sell-out), ROBERT KIYOSAKI (Rich dad poor dad), Dr. DAVID OYEDEPO (MAXIMIZE YOUR DESTINY), TB. JOSHUA (Mirror), MYLES MUNROE (Understanding your potential). SEYI AWOBADEJO (Business wisdom), DAVID L. STEWARD (Doing business by the good book), KEITH HARREL (Connect), T.D. JAKES (Reposition yourself) to mention in few.

These are materials from quality authors that made more influence in my life.


AYOMIKUN [OLAY KEYS] gifted Keyboardist, SEYITAN (BANNY BOY) and JOHN, I want to appreciate you guys for accepting me as I am, God bless you guys.


Finally no epistle without you MR & MRS UYI, my lovely sister TOBO ESTHER UYI, the guru of the house SAMUEL TINA UYI, and the exceptional Thinker of the house David WARELA UYI, am privileged to have you as a family.

Thank you for taking out of your time to read my 2015 EPISTLE OF APPRECIATION, and I want to wish myself Happy Birthday.



Be Responsible For Your Growth.


It’s another beautiful day and we thank God for the grace to share another life transforming word.
Today, we are discussing the topic “be responsible for your growth’’
Being responsible means performing a duty diligently or exercising some level of control or care for something or somebody,
So it is your responsibility to develop yourself.

I discussed about an inner ability i.e talent that as being deposited in everybody in my last post ‘’ the nature of man’’ but so many people today have realised this gift and they left it in that stage.
In the fulfilment stage of life, there are three stages you must go through. We have the work-iN, work-oN, and the work-through. But today, I want to dwell on the first stage in life which is the work-in-stage.

The work-in-stage as the name implies is the stage where you work on your self.
‘’you only produce what you have consumed’’

For you to get the real beauty of gold it has to go through furnace and that is what the youths of our generation have failed to realise, they just want to get to the top and don’t want to go through these steps.
‘’you don’t go up, you. grow up’’
When you go up in life you are bound to comply with the law of gravity, but when you grow up you are bound to stand when the wind of life blows. But today, as the Lord has empowered me, I shall be discussing with you some of the things you must do to develop yourself.

1.Discover your area of habitat.
This is like the area in which God has assigned for you to fulfil and this can simply be discovered by knowing what you like doing. This will help you to know what to work on eg you like singing, writing, dancing, speaking to people around you, playing football, etc.
‘’for you to develop yourself, you must know the areas you would like to develop’’

2.Build that area you discovered.
When God created the earth, there was darkness on the earth and it was without form and void ’’Gen 1: 1-3’’ but God realised that he needed to develop what he had already created so he said “Let there be light’’. And the book of wisdom said there was light. The reason why footballers go for training before a football match is because they understand the power of practice. Practice makes perfect is what they say. So, your gift should not only be discovered, it must be put to practice.
‘’when you don’t put the gift in you to work, it will begin to depreciate’’

3.Believe in yourself.
In the beginning only you can see the vision, so only you can believe in your vision. People will only believe in you when they see the confidence you exhibit.
Confidence eliminates fear in the heart, failure will show up, challenges will rise but the ability to believe you can makes you a success.
“People will never believe in you until they see how much you believe in yourself’’

4.Set achievable goals for yourself.
It is natural in life that those who don’t have goals will work for those who do. So, you have to build yourself by setting a goal for where and what you want to attain in the future.
There are three types of goals:
I. Long time goals, this are goals that you wish to achieve in the next 5years and more.
ii. Medium time goals, this type can be between 6 months to one year.
iii. A short time goal is that thing which you input daily to achieve your long and medium time goals.

‘’those who don’t have goals will work for those who do’’.

5.Have faith in God.
Challenges will come your way, blessings will come your way but there is one thing I want you to hold which is the faith of God. When things begin to go wrong, have faith that you can be what God wants you to be. Apostle Paul in the book of wisdom said. “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”. So, all he had, even when people do not believe in him was Christ.
“Let God be true but every man be a liar”

At this stage, I leave you in faith and I hope to meet you in faith.

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